Let your energy flow

45 minutes   |   £45

Reiki Treatment

Reiki is an energy healing treatment that aims to balance, restore and enhance the energy field in and around your body. Deeply relaxing and soothing, this treatment is known for its stress-reducing effects, promoting a true sense of inner calmness and peace.


Life's stresses, strains and illnesses can cause energy blockages which play havoc with our mind and bodies, so Reiki channels energy from the universe into your body, which responds by drawing in the energy where it requires healing. This allows the body's natural energy to flow.


In this treatment, you are fully clothed and cocooned into blankets. In the background, soft music will play, and fragrant incense will burn to enable complete relaxation. With this treatment, your energy level will go up but you feel more calm and peaceful.

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Rachel Roberts

Rachel is a fully qualified and insured homeopath, sound healing and Reiki practitioner, focused on supporting her clients in improving their health and vitality through nature's medicines.

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