{ Dee - room - ah } Indonesian for 'at home' 

That is what I wish for you. To feel at home in yourself, in your life and in the world.


Family constellations

Intuitive Systemic Coaching




I’m so glad you have found me. It probably means you are looking for support. Something in your life isn’t going well. Or maybe you feel there are events in your past that you finally want to work through and release. You might be looking for tools to help you live your life with more ease and grace. Up until now your life may have been filled with doubt, insecurity, pain, confusion and now you are ready for that to end. Your wish is to break free and start living the life you were meant to live. A life aligned with your soul’s purpose.

You’ve come to the right place. Here you will find answers. This is a place where you can regain strength and positivity. Here you are not alone. Together we will go on a journey to remember the parts of you that you have forgotten. Or that you have lost along the way. We will find your right place in your family and heal your belonging.

Family Constellations is a loving method of radical inclusion and acceptance. From a place of integrity, we will look at hidden patterns and loyalties that are keeping you from the life your truly want. For me this is the ultimate way to work on healing yourself. It touches so many levels and the effects are being felt even weeks after a constellation.

I know for sure that this will impact your life as much as it has impacted mine and many others like you. Whether you join a Constellations Workshop, come to a retreat or work with me 1 on 1, the results will surprise you. Many times in unexpected ways...

Much love, Chantal

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