Gentle Touch Reflexology

Heal the spirit

1 hour   |   £55

Gentle touch reflexology is suitable for all the family, supporting the healing of the body through soothing light touch. Reflexology is great for stress reduction by treating the body into deep relaxation, assisting in the areas of your concern to promote better health, comfort and ease.


The treatment involves gently, comfortingly and painlessly holding, touching or massaging the feet during which each reflex area can be stimulated or calmed. This encourages balance within the body and a true sense of wellbeing.


In Clair’s special chair you will feel nurtured and warm. Covered in blankets only your feet will be bare. The soft gentle movements and touch will make the stress leave your body immediately. Although the touch is light, the impact on your health will be enormous.

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Claire Gore

Claire is a Gentle Touch Reflexology Practitioner supporting the body's natural capacity to heal and rebalance through sensitive touch and pressure.

Contact Claire on 07841 418251


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101 Ashby Road, Long Whatton, Loughborough, LE12 5BX

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